Communities will change when the people in them change

What will the change look like? It’s up to us to decide and the Urban Yoga Foundation (UYF) is up for the challenge.


UYF is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that educates and empowers communities to be proactive about issues affecting their health. Through yoga and mindfulness approaches UYF programs help individuals manage stress, develop mind-body awareness, and health consciousness.

Upcoming Events

Art Showcase

Art from Aileen Barbato and Phoenix Rising Studio
November 12, 2016-January 21, 2017


Angels Unawares
8”H x 10”W
“Mysterious power whence hope eternal springs
Sweet heavenly relic of eternal things!
Inspiring oft deep thoughts of things divine:
The past, the present and future time…”

Mind, body, & food for the soul

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