Spring Teacher Training

  • Urban Yoga Foundation 549 West 152nd Street New York, NY, 10031 United States

This Spring season, June 10-11 Urban Yoga Foundation is offering a two day certification program developed to create from a traditional practice a unique style of teaching school aged students yoga.

The UYF Teacher Training prepares participants to teach yoga and mindfulness classes in an in-school setting for children. UYFTT graduates have the potential to influence a generation of young people to take responsibility for their health. Upon certification as an integrative specialist, our teachers will provide students with mindful tools to increase awareness and focus, improve academic performance and engagement, and learn to self-regulate. These same skills can be applied in a teacher’s own life, as well as in a professional work setting. 

Teacher certification is awarded on the basis of successful completion and comprehension of the two-day training and apprenticeship. Operating within the framework of its core values of diversity, integrity, health, and sustainability.

Saturday, June 10: 9AM-5PM
Sunday, June 11: 9AM-5PM

Contributions: $1000 (payment plans available upon request)

All contributions from training help to support the outreach and awareness of yoga and mindfulness throughout the community.