Urban Yoga Foundation and Amal Alliance are teaming up in order to bring our services global. By merging the curriculum we will create stand alone sequences that best serve the refugee population ages 5-11 at the shelters and locations being opened to us by three local partners in country.

The Objective Is:

  • To train on-site local facilitators to deliver awareness-based methods and tools to the youth population in refugee camps to assist with their coping of trauma and to become better equipped to thrive in their challenging situation.
  • To improve the overall physical, mental, and emotional health of the youth living in refugee camps.
  • To connect global experts who are trained in these proven methods, who can further build relationships and form networks of mindful, action-oriented advocates.  

Together our training methods will give opportunity and leverage in the landscape of service organizations by establishing education and yoga programs across refugee camps around the world. We will work together to empower women in our local communities, and further link them to global opportunities in the field. Women serving in camps are also empowered as front-line leaders as they impart daily curriculum and activities as our local facilitators and experts. 

Working and collaborating with other like-minded humanitarian organizations increases global awareness and shares outlooks to help counter marginalization and to build cross-cultural relations. 

Through mindful advocacy, empowering women, and helping children, we build a broader base of community engagement across different communities. 

Together we can plant the seeds of hope and kindness not only in the
studios of practice or formal classrooms, but directly in the lives of those affected by conflict and trauma. Furthermore, as we develop a “train the trainers” model of facilitators, we can explore ways to identify on-site refugees who can be trained to teach to their peers for new skills, opportunities and program sustainment.


Meet Our Wellness Partner

Danielle De La Fuente of Amal Alliance
Ms. De La Fuente earned a BA in International Relations from Boston University and a MLitt in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Danielle served at the National Defense University where she fostered relations across the Middle East and South Asia. She has also worked at various Embassies and on political campaigns, specializing as a liaison within the diplomatic, governmental, and political realms.

Check Out Danielle's Presentation on International Women's Day Presented By The World Bank Group Staff Association and Rotary International (Starts at 1:04:35)