Anne Tangi

Anne Michiko Tangi loves to get down to any music that inspires her to move, whether it's a New Orleans brass band, West African drummers, Russian rock stars, beat boxers, Brazilian sambistas, or house D.J.s.  

She believes in the empowerment and healing that come from connecting with your body's unique movement language and loves to help others embrace theirs in an encouraging, vibrant atmosphere.  Her favorite places to dance are celebratory environments such as festivals, parades, drum circles, parks, and music shows. 

From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Anne has explored diverse movement forms, such as contemporary dance, Afro-Brazilian, West African, Costa Rican, social dance, improvisation, capoeira, and yoga.  She finds movement and music to be a powerful tool for connecting with people across culture, language, belief system and life experience.