Nyle Johnson

Nyle Johnson is a self taught Chef, who specializes in Nutritional Counseling and Vegan Style Cooking. From a young age, Nyle has spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his family, and by his wary teens, he was able to master many of the traditional American Style Dishes (I.e steaks, burgers, chicken, etc.) However, after losing several relatives to terminal illnesses, he began to research the correlation between poor nutrition and chronic diseases. Since then, he has devoted his life to creating foods that are satiating, delicious and nutritious. He now works at The Fig Tree Health Group in Brooklyn, NY, a company created by Maa and the late Dr. Sebi, that specializes in Nutritional Counseling and Herbal Compounds. He also works as a  Private Chef and Nutritional Counselor to help assist others on there path to health and wellness.