Lewis Tangi

"I love to provide an organic, nourishing experience on the mat. Yoga is union, of the body, mind, and soul. My role is to guide you into the present moment, and to ignite your inner healer within. Through physical sequences, linking breath to poses, you can remove energy blockages that cause ailments. Since 2012, I have witnessed yogas effect on my life. It has improved my posture and lung capacity. It has helped to heal minor back injuries. It has toned my body. Yoga continuously inspires creativity and brings me into a peaceful space from which life can open up and evolve. This is why I believe in yoga, and I wish to share its benefits with people of all walks of life.

I also facilitate meditation. Meditation is also union. Sending your energy and focus to isolated parts of your body, anchored by your breathing, can improve your overall wellness. In class we guide ourselves inward, to loosen ourselves, to accept and release accumulated energies that we are holding. Meditation has been a deeply practical part of my life. It is a process, a journey, an experience unique to every individual. I wish to share with you my practice while guiding you to find your flow through meditation."