Corporate Wellness and Professional Development

Yoga and mindfulness to cultivate well-being, sustain productivity, and inspire compassion at work.  

Urban Yoga Foundation (UYF) and Ivy Child International (Ivy Child) have joined forces to offer a professional development program that provides yoga and mindfulness courses to companies and institutions seeking to create a productive, innovative, healthy, and harmonious environment.

Our development program incorporates various mindfulness exercises involving, simple stress-relieving postures, meditation, breath work, and other positive tools to help employees manage and mitigate stress. Program length, dates, frequency and content can be customized to serve your align with your company’s culture, budget, and specific needs.

We are dedicated to helping individuals reduce stress, enhance wellness and maintain mental alertness, so that they can perform, feel, look and remain well.

What is Yoga?

The systematic method of healing which uses breath control, meditation and specific body postures to balance the mind and body. Yoga improves the body’s physical and mental health to clear the mind in preparation for meditation.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the intentional practice of enhancing awareness in the present moment with ourselves and our surroundings; using breath as the anchor. Deep breathing exercises and self-reflection allow us to pause and respond constructively to any given circumstance. Combined with yoga and other mindful movement, mindfulness tools help individuals cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and adopt healthy habits.

Why is it needed?

Work related stress is a serious problem for employers and employees worldwide. It causes headaches, irritability, muscular tension, back problems, excessive tiredness, trouble sleeping and anxiety. When left unmanaged, efficiency in the workplace is dramatically reduced, internal and external relationships suffer, workplace morale drops, human error increases, projects take longer and cost more money.

Research has shown that workplace yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness techniques can lower feelings of stress and improve sleep quality. 

Companies are turning to meditation and yoga to boost their bottom line.

A basic program will include, but is not limited to:

  • Simple yoga postures combined with meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises
  • Bodywork (massage, Thai yoga massage, etc.)
  • Teaching the power of applying a self-responsible, mindful attitude in the work place
  • Using positive tools that empower staff to function more effectively
  • Decreasing staff stress levels and improving well-being with holistic lifestyle practices

These practices teach the body how to perform positively and relax deeply. Over time, this creates a new cellular memory and mindset that manages stress more effectively. Our goal is to help individuals develop a higher quality of well-being and relationships in their professional and personal lives.

By bringing our corporate wellness and professional development program to your company, you not only demonstrate your commitment to your employees, you also help fund yoga and mindfulness outreach programs in schools and underserved communities locally and nationally.  

UYF recognizes the generosity of its corporate contributors by:

  • Acknowledging them in public speeches and interviews with the press
  • Invite them for a private tour of the sanctuary 
  • Thanking them on social media platforms
  • Giving them VIP tickets to events

Help us expand our work to reach more children and families in need of accessible health resources

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